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Our solutions power end-to-end workflow for traditional media. We streamline processes and provide efficiency for every step of planning, pre-buy, buy stewardship, post-buy, invoice reconciliation, client billing and financial system integration.

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Features + Benefits


Our solutions bring operational efficiency and industry automation throughout the workflow, so you can focus on strategic activities.



Integrated research and planning
Integrated research and planning
  • Extensive demographic and qualitative data from multiple providers
  • Access to market-level audience profiles and lifestyle data including census, election, and weather details
  • Reach and Frequency and Historical Rate analyses
  • Electronic RFPs and proposal management


Automated multi-media execution and analysis
Automated multi-media execution and analysis
  • Complete support of the media transaction workflow for local and national TV, radio, print, OOH and digital
  • Electronic order management
  • Robust cross media and client reporting, including open access to all your transaction data for customized reporting


Trusted end-to-end traffic management
Trusted end-to-end traffic management
  • Define your creative assets, commercial rotations, billboards, and instructions in one place for all local and national media
  • Fully audited and two-way electronic delivery of all instructions
  • Seamless integration with Comcast Ad Delivery to automate delivery of creative assets

Analyze and Optimize

Pacing and performance data
Pacing and performance data
  • Supports spot log delivery data from multiple providers for in-flight media optimization
  • Incorporates actual delivery data from affidavits for final proof of performance

Reconcile and Bill

Open financial architecture
Open financial architecture
  • Seamless, automated invoice management through e-invoices
  • Intuitive invoice matching and reconciliation
  • Robust client media billing capabilities
  • API-based integration with external financial systems

Integrated Solution

Strata’s open architecture, gold standard industry automation and financial system flexibility differentiate you from other media buying companies.

Open architecture

Our platform is designed to support seamless integrations with Strata’s partners, third party providers, or your in-house solutions at key phases of the campaign management workflow

Gold standard industry automation

Proposals, orders, traffic and invoice transactions are designed to complement linear programmatic workflows and completely automate your media campaign execution

Media accounting + ERP systems

Seamless integration for client billing, vendor payment, and GL with 20+ financial systems

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