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Adazzle brings efficiencies, greater accuracy and insight to the media planning and buying process, across guaranteed and programmatic, by giving you tools not only to execute a single campaign, but a framework in which to integrate and manage your entire media workflow.

Proof Points

integrations across DSPs, bidding platforms, and direct inventory sources
coverage of media owners
productivity gains

Features + Benefits

Adazzle is an open, cloud-based, global platform that powers the end-to-end digital campaign management process, from planning and buy execution, through billing and month-end reconciliation.


Data-driven decisions and interoperability between buyers and sellers
Data-driven decisions and interoperability between buyers and sellers
  • Access to historical and 3rd party data to optimize media consideration
  • Customized media plan templates and workflow flags configured to the way you work
  • Multiple options to enforce internal and external approvals
  • Electronic RFPs and proposals


Centralized media and technology spend management across channels
Centralized media and technology spend management across channels
  • Single campaign for all digital channels from direct and programmatic inventory sources
  • Electronic insertion orders and confirmations for guaranteed buys, including integrations with Automated Guaranteed platforms
  • Programmatic RTB, Search, and Social platform integrations
  • Centralized rate management and auto-calculation of technology costs


Third-party ad server and technology provider agnostic
Third-party ad server and technology provider agnostic
  • Customizable traffic sheet with placement name creator
  • Deep integration with major ad servers including DCM, Sizmek, and Flashtalking
  • Standard APIs to enable integration with any ad server and tech provider

Analyze and Optimize

On-demand access to pacing and performance data
On-demand access to pacing and performance data
  • Automated receipt of delivery data from 3rd party providers and sites
  • Data feed infrastructure to easily ingest delivery metrics from any provider
  • Auto-calculation of actual media and technology costs
  • Actualized order generated based on optimized media plan

Reconcile and Bill

Open architecture and financial controls
Open architecture and financial controls
  • Ordered and actualized costs are automatically updated in your media accounting platform of choice, including Strata’s media billing and invoice reconciliation system
  • Tight controls ensuring that all campaigns are billed and paid according to your business rules
  • Standard APIs to synchronize master data, order details, and bill/pay status of buys

Integrated Solution

Adazzle’s open architecture is designed to support integrations with any external providers or your in-house solutions at key phases of the campaign management workflow.

Media suppliers

Electronic communication with media suppliers throughout the workflow, including RFPs, Orders, Request for Invoice.

Programmatic buying platforms

Integration with Automated Guaranteed and Programmatic RTB platforms, enabling agencies to manage media spend for all channels in one place.

Search engines and social platforms

Integration with Search and Social platforms to automate receipt of delivery and invoice data to streamline month-end reconciliation.

Ad servers and other technology

Auto-create campaigns and placements in ad servers for execution and automatically receive delivery data to actualize plans

Media accounting and ERP systems

Our open APIs enable agencies and their financial system providers to easily access AR and AP data from Strata’s platform.


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