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With solutions to allocate spend, monitor performance and track investment across channels, we enable you to remove silos, re-aggregate reach and target the best audience for your brands.

Proof Points

of Strata's 1,200+ agencies execute cross-media campaigns
of Strata agencies are buying cross-screen video and converged audio campaigns
inventory providers enable Spot buyers to augment their linear schedules with targeted, impression-based buys

Features + Benefits

Our platform enables agencies to efficiently plan, manage budgets, and optimize campaigns across media channels.

Electronic RFPs and Proposals

Manage RFPs and proposals for all media in one place
Manage RFPs and proposals for all media in one place
  • Electronic communication of campaign parameters and buying guidelines
  • Add proposals to draft media plan versions for scenario planning
  • Integrated with Strata’s Market Profiler™ for audience and qualitative data analysis for local markets and vendors

Budget and Performance Tracker

Cross-media reporting and digital execution integration
Cross-media reporting and digital execution integration
  • Define cross-media campaign goals and media budget allocation across advertiser brands
  • Monitor campaign budget pacing and performance
  • Analyze spend and performance by channel, market, and vendor

Media Convergence

Manage linear and digital buys together
Manage linear and digital buys together
  • Spot Media Convergence
    • Manage local video and audio buys across linear and digital providers
  • Linear and VOD Convergence + National TV Fluidity
    • Manage linear TV alongside VOD (Direct and Programmatic)
    • Track and manage group deals and quality across linear and VOD
    • Integration with Adazzle to streamline buy execution and optimization
  • Print and Digital Planning
    • Create a single media plan to manage print insertions, straight-from-print digital buys, and stand-alone digital buys from the same publishers
  • Cross-media budget and performance tracking

Integrated Solution

Our open architecture is designed to support seamless integrations with Strata’s partners, third party providers, or your in-house solutions at key phases of the campaign management workflow.

Video reach extension

Integrations with digital video and TV alternative providers to augment linear TV schedules.

Audio reach extension

Integrations with digital audio providers to augment terrestrial radio media plans.

Programmatic buying across channels

Integrations with self-service buying platforms and programmatic media suppliers to automate the media procurement workflow for TV, Radio, Digital, and OOH

Build your own cross-media ecosystem

Embed any third party or internal web-based applications into our platform to give you access to the best-of-breed solutions at key phases of the workflow across media.

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