Spot TV Buyers Find Success using JamLoop to Extend into Digital Video
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Spot TV Buyers Find Success using JamLoop to Extend into Digital Video

Every Spot TV buyer faces challenges reaching the right local audience, with certain scale and cost efficiencies.

Agencies are under increasing pressure from clients to prove their value, both by demonstrating adept knowledge of the evolving media landscape and by providing more transparency into the buying process. It’s not easy — the media landscape is shifting quickly and dramatically. Audiences are increasingly watching their TV content on all kinds of new digital devices, like PCs, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. TV is everywhere now, and advertisers should be everywhere too.

Strata now makes it easier than ever for its clients to reach all TV audiences by partnering with JamLoop (, a leading digital video provider specializing in Spot TV extensions, to facilitate digital video buying. JamLoop was chosen as Strata’s partner because of its broad market coverage, brand safe inventory, unique methodology for delivering viewable advertising and attentive customer service.

Starting in Q1 2016, Strata and JamLoop joined forces to enable digital video buys directly in the existing Strata workflow. The JamLoop buying experience is now fully integrated into the Strata platform: Everything from research to media planning to buying, reporting and invoicing mimics the traditional TV buying experience. JamLoop call letters are available for every DMA. Dozens of agency clients participated in the new program during the first quarter of 2016 and experienced great success. Nashville-based Fletcher Rowley, a full service agency specializing in political campaigns, was one such early client. In a political year where various political stakeholders attempt to shift voters’ viewpoints and perceptions, agency Fletcher Rowley leveraged JamLoop to influence voters during a critical campaign event – the Iowa Caucus — by working with an Anti-Trump Super PAC. On behalf of the agency, JamLoop ran a 5-day campaign targeting A18+ Republicans in the entire state of Iowa with an “Anybody but Trump”. A week before the Iowa Caucus, Trump was the polling leader; to everyone’s surprise, he did not win but, rather, came in second. Digital video was one of the key components in the anti-Trump media mix, and Fletcher Rowley viewed the test as a big success.

“I have to believe that digital video contributed to the outcome in a meaningful way,” said Fletcher Rowley’s Director of Media, Kati Bumgardner. She had additional praise for the overall buying experience.

I loved how quick and efficient the process really is; it is already built in and it was very clear how my budget would be executed. It is great in getting more through the system.

“I also loved the transparency. It gave me a better idea of how my buy truly was structured,” she added. With a positive first experience in hand, Fletcher Rowley continues to use the new feature for other clients beyond the political arena.

In another example of a successful initial test, JamLoop ran a campaign for a large, regional telecommunications provider. The campaign called for reaching audiences in specific zip codes only, a targeting capability that is not readily available using local TV stations. Using its advanced targeting techniques, JamLoop delivered a zip code-targeted campaign across multiple screens, including PCs, smartphones, tablets, (smart) TVs, set-top boxes, blu-ray players and gaming platforms. Not only was the agency happy with the ease of campaign execution but performance, as measured through conversion tracking, was so strong that the client renewed the campaign for an additional quarter.

Other early agency adopters in this new digital video extension program include Columbus, MO-based Bucket Media, Cleveland-based Wyse Advertising, San Antonio based The Atkins Group and Milwaukee-based Boelter + Lincoln, among many others. These agencies use JamLoop to buy cross-screen video for clients like regional McDonald’s groups, Missouri Department of Transportion, Marathon Petroleum, as well as politicals, hospitals, banks, travel & tourism boards.

It is clear that Spot TV availability can become scarce and expensive, especially leading up to the Presidential election. Agencies use JamLoop in Strata as a way of comfortably moving less progressive clients into digital video. As an integrated digital video buy with Spot TV, Strata agencies include JamLoop in new business pitches, underscoring the fact that video is everywhere. With JamLoop integrated, Strata positions its agency clients to remain current and relevant to marketers’ needs. Digital video is a great way to significantly extend reach within any DMA, offering clear pricing efficiencies and more sophisticated targeting capabilities that extend far beyond basic demographic targeting, like interest-based or psychographic targeting. The great news is that JamLoop is readily available directly in the existing Strata workflow!

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