DOmedia: Transforming Outdoor Advertising

DOmedia: Transforming Outdoor Advertising

Strata + DOmedia/Walz Tetrick Success - A Case Study

The media buying experts at Walz Tetrick Advertising (WTA) knew that comparing more out-of-home (OOH) vendors and media formats leads to more competitive media costs and better campaign execution. However, organizing a large number vendors before, during and after a campaign was a labor-intensive process which required hours of work from experienced media buyers and planners. Ultimately, the manual process of working with the fragmented supply-side of the OOH industry created downward pressure on campaign ROI. WTA needed to keep their experts focused on value-added activities, rather than
vendor communication, while still realizing the beneöts of a highly competitive planning and RFP process.

Profile - Walz Tetrick Advertising

Walz Tetrick Advertising is a results-focused, full-service advertising agency. WTA has been in business since 1967. The key to the agency’s history of success is a “start-up” environment that encourages innovation, insights and an entrepreneurial mindset. WTA provides clients everything they need to implement efficient, effective and fully integrated marketing programs including, strategic planning, research, creative development, social media, digital marketing, direct response and media buying and planning.

The Situation

Out-of-home media is all about making the maximum impact on a target audience. It is a medium that can’t be skipped, turned off or ignored. It reaches real people (not bots) when they are out in the world, making the decisions that drive businesses forward. The best OOH media campaigns leverage the right formats, including billboards, transit, street furniture, alternative media, and the right locations to achieve maximum impact on a client’s target audience. Finding the right formats and locations at the lowest possible cost is the key to strong campaign ROI. Walz Tetrick’s planners leverage years of expertise and massive amounts of data to achieve the best results.

However, OOH inventory is owned by a wide variety of örms. Each market has giants, like Lamar and Clear Channel, as well as local and regional operators. Each additional vendor in the RFP process, execution process and accounting process adds additional paperwork and communication time. This cuts into an agency’s ability to focus on value-added activities, like strategic and creative work. WTA knew they could outperform the competition — and deliver better results for
clients — by working with more vendors to önd the right locations and increase competition in the proposal process. But, they needed to do it without increasing the time spent on research, communication and accounting.

The Idea

Walz Tetrick Advertising needed a solution which provided on-demand access to large amounts of OOH inventory, while automating tasks like vendor communication, gathering audience data and organizing RFP responses. This would allow their planners and buyers to focus on the activities which leverage their unique expertise, rather than spending hours on email communication and data transcription.

WTA also realized that increasing the number of vendors in the planning and buying stages of a campaign would translate into increased work “downstream” for operations and accounting personnel. They needed to ensure that the solution their strategic personnel employed could integrate directly with the systems that automate operations for their accounting and data analysis teams. This would allow the agency to realize the benefits of a broader and more competitive RFP process without increasing the hours their team dedicated to each campaign.

The Approach

Walz Tetrick Advertising elected to leverage DOmedia’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP) to automate data transcription and vendor communications for their out-of-home campaigns. WTA was already working with Strata, a leader in operations software for advertising agencies, to automate post-campaign analysis and reconciliation. Walz Tetrick’s leadership worked with DOmedia and Strata to create a new integration between the two platforms, establishing a seamless workflow automation system that carries campaigns from concept through completion.

The Results

In July 2017, just a few months after DOmedia and Strata formally announced their partnership and the creation of the örst end-to-end agency solution for out-of-home media, Walz Tetrick Advertising moved their first contract seamlessly between the two platforms. Today, WTA has access to the largest database of out of home media vendors and assets, advanced data and tools to plan and execute large-scale OOH campaigns and technology to ensure those campaigns deliver great results for the agency and their clients. Most importantly, WTA’s elite media specialists aren’t spending their time in
emails and spreadsheets; they’re creating value for clients through the strategic and creative thinking that sets them apart.


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