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It’s amazing how many of our employees have been around to see us grow and flourish in Strata’s 30 year history. Perhaps it’s because we are a great hybrid between the strategic advertising industry and the innovative and evolving technology sector.

We have managed to create a place where people have fun, learn from each other, and continually build something that impacts the advertising industry. We’re proud to say that we’re succeeding and growing.

Are you looking for the next big step in your career? Could you see yourself joining a team filled with free-thinkers, collaborators, and innovators? Are you a fan of theme days and team lunches? Check out our open opportunities to develop and grow your career at Strata.

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“I love working here because Strata supports cultural diversity which helps build a friendly and effective work environment.”
Cindy Miao, Software Engineer
“Strata is different than the last software company I worked for because there is a drive to be the best, and we set big goals for ourselves.”
Stuart Katz, Manager of Agency Client Services

Who we are

Strata is the dominant name in customized media management with steady growth, proven products and increasing market share among agencies of all sizes, and now works with nearly half of all media buying firms.

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