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Get control of your data with STRATA.

Media buys and proposals should be easy to build — anywhere — but you also need real—time access to your sales, billing and accounting data. SBS will work with your existing order entry and stewardship systems to help you get control of your core business data for reporting, billing and accounting.

  • The Approach

    Our seasoned Media Business Analysts meet with your key business stakeholders across disciplines to identify desired information and metrics for measuring your business. The result is a dimensional data cube design which can be leveraged by dashboards, custom reporting, and even intranets/extranets. We provide the tools to measure and communicate critical information internally and externally.

  • Dashboards

    Strata supplies dashboard solutions for every Media need. From monitoring your daily business activity on your intranet, to mobile based solutions that keep you connected 24x7.


Angie Brown, Research Specialist/Media Sales Assistant - TIME WARNER CABLE
“Having this program has truly been a blessing for us! It has been a real time saver to get on SOS and have the program do all the work! Now we can provide the AE’s with grids three months in advance! They are in such a state of disbelief! I just want to thank everyone for giving us extra hours in the day to focus on helping out our sales team.”

  • TV - Nielsen TV

    STRATA is a certified third party provider for Nielsen TV data and integrates all of the studies into our products. This includes NTI, NHI, NHTI, NSS, NSI, Commercial Minute, and Minute-by-Minute

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  • Qualitative

    Beyond working with almost all of the syndicated research providers to identify insights, STRATA also builds specialized research tools to provide unique insights. Many companies can provide tools that display information from existing sources, but STRATA gives you the power to uncover new insights and provide real value to your clients.

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  • Radio - Nielsen Audio

    STRATA is the undisputed leader for processing Radio delivery research. We support Nielsen Audio diary and PPM sources within our products.

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I love the ease. Everything is at the click of a button. It’s very intuitive. It’s just easy. With STRATA, everything can be changed; I don’t have to rebuild. STRATA encompasses everything I need.

Leigh Grant - VP, Media Director - The Communications Group

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