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STRATA’s Custom Division (SBS) helps organizations create solutions that are specifically geared towards addressing their individual needs. 

SBS provides strategic direction, project management, development, testing and implementation resources for customers.  SBS provides solutions that range from full scale media system replacements to small projects that fill in “gaps” that exist within your organization.  Unlike many consulting firms we go further than just providing strategic ideas - we give you a plan to execute them and in most cases, we provide the team to do the execution.

  • The Team

    Joy Baer (EVP), David Prager (VP) and Paul Levy (VP) head up SBS.  Along with their deep media experience, they have successfully led multiple media organizations through technological innovation.  Their success comes from their ability to balance long-term strategic needs with near-term tactical execution that provides tangible, operational/financial improvements.  SBS has 15 project managers trained and experienced in media, as well as 35 software developers that have worked on various media systems and bring up to 20 years of experience to your project.

  • The Approach

    The Custom Division (SBS) uses a hybrid approach to projects which leverages the benefits of two common application development methodologies, Joint Application Development (JAD) and Rapid Application Development (RAD).

    SBS employs the use of the JAD methodology for the early stages of Business Analysis and Requirements Gathering. We believe that a strong interaction with the end users during this process is beneficial for the following reasons:

    • Users gain a sense of ownership/contribution
    • Analysts get a better sense of challenges faced by the users on a daily basis
    • Improved communications between Analysts and the Users
    • Faster identification of critical issues and their causes. 
    • Analysts can more directly manage user expectations

  • Services

    STRATA’s Custom Division (SBS) helps organizations create solutions that are specifically geared towards addressing their individual needs. 


Joe Brewer, Senior V.P. of Information Technology - KATZ MEDIA GROUP
“We partnered with STRATA to build our end-to-end spot radio sales system… and set a new standard of success for our business.”

Strategic Analysis
STRATA’s Custom Division (SBS) has worked with buyers and sellers across various media and focus on helping clients find tangible ways to improve their business.  Where is your business going, what are your competitors doing, where can you most directly impact your business through technology? SBS can help.

Custom Development
With the ever-changing and continually fragmented media landscape, it is difficult for media system providers to keep up with customer’s needs.  With custom development through STRATA, you can quickly create a solution that is specific to your needs, can be integrated to your other core systems and in most cases, provide you with near term ROI and competitive differentiation.  

Project Management
STRATA’s Custom Division (SBS) provides professional project management resources that can be utilized for anything from Requirements Analysis to full media system replacements. 

  • Enterprise System Replacement

    Are you force fitting new media transactions into a traditional media model and limping along with incomplete business information?  STRATA’s Custom Division (SBS) can build you a system that meets today’s and tomorrow’s needs.  SBS has successfully designed, built and deployed full media systems for some of the largest media organizations.

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  • Industry Standards

    Whether you want to utilize standards or lead the charge on new ones, STRATA’s Custom Division (SBS) can help.  In addition to having done system integration work with a large number of vendors in the industry, SBS has been also been hired by many of the trade organizations including the 4A’s, the TVB, the CAB  and the OAAA to help define industry standards. 

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  • Billing and Finance

    Get your billing out and your collections in!
    STRATA’s Custom Division (SBS) will help you get invoices out the door with business practices and electronic solutions that expedite the invoicing and payment process.

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  • Business Optimization

    STRATA’s Custom Division (SBS) has an incredible depth of experience with carrying out Business Process Engineering (BPE) and Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) for large organizations. SBS has created, converted, and/or replaced mission critical business systems for Comcast, Time Warner Cable, NCC, TVB, etc.

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  • Advertising Sales Automation

    Streamline your sales processes across your organization with STRATA’s Custom Division (SBS).  SBS has worked with Media Sales Organizations to increase efficiency, productivity, and data accuracy   SBS identifies and develops automated solutions for inefficient and/or high-volume processes across single or multi-system platforms. 

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  • e-Business

    Increase your margins and solidify relationships with your customers and vendors.
    STRATA’s Custom Division (SBS) will help you develop an online solution that connects you with your customers and vendors and creates online access to order and invoice data – thus making the buy easier by eliminating paper and faxes.

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  • Workflow

    Get the right information to the right person or system at the right time. STRATA’s Custom Division (SBS) works with organizations to define, analyze, and redesign its resources and operations. SBS then designs and builds the solutions to meet your needs.

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  • CRM

    STRATA’s Custom Division (SBS) has a successful history of developing a wide array of sales tools.  Leveraging this expertise, the SBS has extended the functionality of two core STRATA systems within the framework of Microsoft CRM to develop a customer-centric, strategic selling solution for ad sales and customer relationship management.

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