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Achieve greater insight into costs, profitability, areas of potential growth, and most importantly, serve your clients in the manner they demand with STRATA.

STRATA’s revolutionary system for Media Buying Agencies integrates all media into one cohesive database and user interface that allows organizations to conduct large-scale transactions transforming their operations for the future.  As the leader in EDI development, STRATA has integrated automated tools for order delivery, confirmations, makegoods, Client Approvals, Electronic Invoices, and much more.

  • The Team

    Led by three of the biggest names in the industry, STRATA is poised to lead your Media Buying Agency with the precision and efficiency your clients demand. 

    Joy Baer President, oversees all divisions and high level strategic initiatives.


    Jeanette Williamson - Vice President, responsible for Agency Products. 


    David Drucker Vice President, Manager of Agency Services has 29 years of experience in the Media industry.

  • The Approach

    Buy, build and evolve with STRATA. 


    Buy - utilize the industry’s top media buying/stewardship tools. 


    Build - custom development focus’s on individual client needs and systems requirements. 


    Evolve - quickly move down the development path as STRATA adds modules and functionality to stay ahead of the media industry’s needs for digital systems, EDI requirements, personalized support, and so much more.

  • Services

    Manage all media analysis and transactions with STRATA.  Media Buying Agencies can rely on efficiencies via EDI tools and simplified processes, automation tools for communications, and hosted solutions through STRATA. 


Jeanne Perry, J C Perry Associates
“Converting over was far easier than expected…and the reports, research tools and hands-on support has kept me a client for all this time. Buying all forms of media has been made easier with the use of STRATA.”

  • Spot

    Build and analyze TV, Radio and Cable Buys with what is universally acknowledged as the easiest and most comprehensive spot system, STRATA’s VIEW32. 
    Media Buying Agencies can also utilize the most complete and popular media buying tools to receive instant links to all media sites and info; analyze ratings data in countless ways, receive multi-media R&F with a single click and import proposals directly from media reps.

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  • Research/Ratings/Impressions

    STRATA has dozens of research tools, above and beyond trends, weekly analysis, daily analysis, audience composition, and others.  The process is made simpler with STRATA as all media utilizes the same intuitive user interface.

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  • Qualitative

    Instantly build profiles and multi-layered categories within Media Audit or Scarborough date for local market qualitative research with STRATA.  Your job is made easier as reports generated through STRATA result in high quality graphics for presentations.

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  • Workflow

    Avoid delayed communication and steer clear of anything falling through the cracks.  Client approvals, goals entry, buy completion and billing – STRATA’s Workflow module allows every person involved in the buying and billing process to receive an automated notification.

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  • Billing and Finance

    STRATA provides rock solid, sophisticated and complete client accounting functions.  STRATA solutions offer a wide array of billing options for any client through automated invoice matching tools for all media.

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  • e-Business

    Experience shortened lead times and allow your clients more time to make their ad buying decisions with STRATA’s e-Business solutions.  Plus, all invoices can be matched electronically, greatly cutting down the time between ad placements and receiving their invoices.

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  • Print/OOH

    STRATA’s full Print and Out of Home stewardship systems provide for simple and flexible Insertion Orders, closing date reports, calendars, and much more.  As part of the full system, multi-media spending reports, R&F reports, and calendars are easily generated including all media.

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  • Systems Integration

    STRATA is proud to be a certified reseller of Microsoft Dynamics®, and integrates completely and seamlessly.  Integrations with all Agency Management products are in use at many of our clients, and even integrations with QuickBooks Pro® and other generic systems continue.  Connectivity issues? STRATA’s Custom Division (SBS) can ease the connectivity process to any system.

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  • Network

    Network TV, National Cable and Syndication are all critical elements of STRATA’s Buying Suite.  STRATA’s industry leading Brand Allocation engine enables multi-product buys.  Easy scheduling screens (with EDI connectivity to the Networks), unit-level stewardship and traffic, and invoice matching and posting utilizing any and all ratings data sets are all part of the complete Network module.

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  • Digital/Interactive

    STRATA continues to lead the buying process for Digital/Interactive.  STRATA supports every aspect and type of Digital buy - including Search, Mobile, Gaming, Display, and all other categories.

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