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STRATA Aligns With Triton, Enables Digital Radio To Be Bought Automatically

December 8th, 2015 | Read more articles from 2015 or Visit the News Archive
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Originally Appearing at: MediaPost

By: Tobi Elkin

STRATA, a provider of media buying and selling software, today announced a partnership with Triton Digital, a tech provider for the audio industry. The deal gives STRATA access to the Triton Local Network (TLN) through STRATA’s systems. TLN combines audio inventory from premium publishers—audio publishers, broadcasters and music services—into one network, creating at-scale digital audio that’s accessible to agencies and marketers.

The deal means that the TLN audience levels are now being fed into STRATA’s media buying system, in addition to the other major agency buying platforms. “This allows media buyers to access online audio inventory in an easy-to-use and well known process that is similar to the way in which they have been buying broadcast media for many years. The inclusion of TLN in systems such as STRATA, allow for highly automated planning, buying, and invoicing of online audio,” Kristin Charron, senior director of marketing, Triton Digital, told Real-Time Daily via email.

TLN delivers 51 million unique listeners across over 278 markets. Using market population and demographic data, TLN audiences are represented in Average Quarter Hour and Cume Ratings.

“Triton Digital is an important partner for STRATA, as we continue to broaden our collaboration with video and audio content providers to deliver access to larger audiences and more advertising opportunities,” Judd Rubin, Vice President of STRATA, stated in a release.

“Agencies can now plan campaigns, request and receive submissions, send orders and receive electronic invoices from Triton Digital across 278 local markets,” said John Rosso, president of market development at Triton Digital, in a release.

TLN audiences can be targeted geographically and by demographic, including age and gender. TLN is capable of delivering up to 10 weekly target rating points (TRPs) in each market.


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