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September 7th, 2011 | Read more articles from 2011 or Visit the News Archive
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Companies Join Forces with STRATA to Assume Support of ePort from TVB

New York, NY
, September 7, 2011 – Katz Television Group, a division of the Katz Media Group, and Cox Reps, a division of Cox Media Group, today announced a new collaboration with STRATA to assume financial and directional support of the ePort e-business platform. A transformative innovation for the television industry that streamlined the buying and selling process, ePort will continue to enable greater efficiency and accuracy through increased e-business capabilities and future enhancements.

STRATA created ePort for TVB in 2007 as an electronic platform over which buyers, local TV broadcasters or national representatives can send any transaction, and from which any buyer or seller can receive any and all transactions. Local TV broadcasters and the rep community funded the multi-million dollar development to make the process more accurate for the nearly 75% of local broadcast business conducted via a paper process. To date, ePort has processed more than $2 billion through its electronic transaction system, simplifying the entire process through increased automation and greater accuracy.

Due to the new commitment from representation firms Cox Reps and Katz Television Group, ePort will now have the financial backing to seamlessly continue and improve its operations. The system is slated for growth over the next five years with the implementation of future technological advancements.

ePort’s capabilities complement those of DARE (Direct Agency/Rep Exchange), a system developed by the television representatives as an electronic bridge for sending and receiving transactions between agencies and reps and which has served the industry for more than 25 years. Together, these systems will continue to streamline the buying and selling process, enabling any and all agencies to conduct e-business and growing the spot television business.

“Local television continues to expand its impact and reach through broadcast, online and mobile platforms. Further improving our e-business capabilities will help to facilitate and sustain that growth,” said Leo MacCourtney, President of Eagle Television Sales, a division of Katz. “We are grateful to TVB for providing the initial impetus for ePort, an invaluable tool that has made our business more efficient and effective. Along with our associates at Cox Reps and STRATA, we look forward to providing our support to continue to make these services available to our colleagues in the industry.”

“Cox Reps have been long time advocates and supporters of new technology and methods for enhancing e-business in the media industry,” said Jim Hughes, President, TeleRep. “Coupled with other rep-initiated efforts, such as DARE, ePort will now be able to be maintained as an important asset in the industry’s technological arsenal and continue to provide enhanced customer service for the agency and advertising community.”

Cox Reps and Katz TV were instrumental in bringing DARE to national spot TV. Now, in taking over the support of ePort, Katz TV and Cox Reps are assuming a key e-business leadership position for the entire industry and ensuring that every buyer can do business electronically with every commercial TV station and rep firm in the country.

“The reps are perfectly positioned to become the facilitators of e-business for our industry,” said Dave Lougee, President, Gannett Broadcasting and Chairman, TVB. “They brought DARE to spot TV nearly 25 years ago. This agreement ensures that any local broadcast TV customer, of any size, can do business electronically with any rep firm or TV station. That will be key to the future success of our industry.”

“Local television broadcasters provided the vision, funding and commitment essential to bringing an e-business platform of this industry-changing magnitude to life,” said Steve Lanzano, President and CEO, TVB. “TVB is proud to have led its development and introduction to the industry. TVB and the local television broadcasters thank Katz Television Group and Cox Reps for their e-business leadership and STRATA for their superb technical development and platform support as we hand off ePort to these excellent companies.”

STRATA, a leading media buying and selling software provider and the original developer of ePort, will now resume technical support activities with Katz TV and Cox Reps. Working together, Katz TV, Cox Reps and STRATA plan to add functionality to ePort that will make local broadcast television even easier to transact.

“We are committed to e-business and serving the television industry with advanced solutions,” said John Shelton, STRATA CEO/President. “It is an honor and a privilege to work with Cox Reps and Katz TV to make television easier to buy and steward for stations and agencies.”

About Katz Media Group
Katz Television Group is a division of the Katz Media Group, Inc., the nation’s leading full-service media sales and marketing firm serving the broadcasting industry. A subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications, Katz Media Group is based in New York and has 19 regional offices. Founded in 1888, the company was the nation’s first media representation firm and today represents more than 4,000 radio stations, 500 television stations and a variety of digital platforms. Additional information can be found at

About Cox Reps
Cox Reps, a division of the Cox Media Group, includes three national television sales rep firms (TeleRep; Harrington, Righter & Parsons (HRP); and MMT Sales) and Cox Digital Solutions, a multi-platform sales rep firm focusing on digital and mobile platforms. Representing over 350 television stations covering over 90% of TV Homes in the United States and a significant presence in Canada coupled with an ever growing list of digital partners, the Cox Reps remain the dominant national sales force in the industry.

STRATA is the nation’s leading provider of media buying and selling software. The custom solutions supplied by STRATA empower clients to sell and efficiently purchase all media types including cable, broadcast, newspaper, radio, outdoor and digital advertising mediums. On average, over $50 Billion in advertising dollars flow through STRATA systems per year. Headquartered in Chicago, STRATA has been supplying solutions to the media buying and selling industry since 1983. For more information, visit

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