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February 2nd, 2016 | Read more articles from 2016 or Visit the News Archive
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If the nation’s leading political advertising firms had their way, it would be “Bush vs. Clinton” on that first Tuesday in November. That ballot matchup, they believe, would theoretically create the best business scenario.

That’s the takeaway from a new STRATA survey of national political ad agencies, when asked which candidates would generate the strongest ad spend. They unanimously agreed that Hillary Clinton would be the highest-spending Democratic nominee, while 44% of the agencies believe Jeb Bush would be the strongest Republican revenue generator.

Sen. Marco Rubio followed Bush as the No. 2 Republican choice, with 28% of agencies saying he would spend the most. The über media-savvy Donald Trump came in as the third potentially highest spending Republican, with only 22% of agencies selecting the current front-runner as their top choice.

“It’s not that surprising that, from a pure business perspective, political advertising agencies would like to see a Clinton-Bush matchup,” said Judd Rubin, VP of STRATA. “But the story is Trump and his command of the earned media game. We’ve never seen anything like it and we may never see it again. After this campaign, there will be college courses examining Trump’s uncanny ability to demand media attention and his use of Twitter.”

STRATA also found that client budgets allocated for political advertising this year are “just modestly larger or even flat” for many political agencies. When compared to past presidential election years, 33% of agencies saw political ad budgets remain the same. But 56% of agencies saw their budgets increase up to 20% and another 11% of agencies saw budget increases of more than 20%.

The advertising technology firm and maker of media buying and selling software polled agencies representing about 75% of total political advertising billings nationwide.


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