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World Series Ratings and Revenue Without the Yankees

By John Shelton October 27, 2010 | 11:32am

I was recently asked by a writer for the Hollywood Reporter about advertising for the World Series and how the absence of the Yankees will impact ad sales and viewership. Clearly, the Yankees would have been better for the series in this respect. They are from the biggest market and almost everybody roots for the Yankees or the team playing the Yankees. The Yankees also have a national following like the Cubs and the Braves.

That being said, there is a good story with Texas (who has never been in the World Series, let alone won a playoff series). The state of Texas will be watching, that will be certain. Plus, since the economy is much better in Texas, expect a good showing with local ads and support.  An argument could be made that the opposite is true in San Francisco.  There are five teams in California and the state’s economy is struggling. This is not as good a situation.  So clearly, this series match-up may tend to tip towards Texas as far as the state that may benefit the most. 

If baseball is smart, there will be some high profile Hispanic advertising even if it’s in English. Texas has a huge Hispanic fan base and as we learned from the AHAA conference earlier this month, this is the fastest growing segment of the population.  When all is said and done, MLB will make quite a bit off the World Series, even without the Yankees.

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