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What’s the Best Way to Get More Views for Your Online Video Ad? Depends Who You Ask.

By STRATA September 08, 2014 | 11:55am

Two recent surveys conducted by STRATA found that consumers and ad agencies maintain differing perspectives on how to most efficiently target video ads.

STRATA’s most recent quarterly survey found that 44% of agencies said that online videos ads reach their targeted audience most of the time, and 26% say they only reach them some of the time. On the consumer side, only 9% said ads they view are targeted correctly most of the time, 58% said sometimes, and 23% they are rarely targeted correctly.  

When asked why they would voluntarily watch an online video ad, the majority of consumers (51%) said they viewed an ad because it was funny. Humor leads all categories, which includes the ad targeting their interests (31%) or being educational/informative (30%). For agencies, 59% say the most effective technique is to attract viewing is to target towards a viewer’s interest. Twenty-three percent said the best technique was to make it entertaining and 12% said to make the ad funny.

Both agencies and consumers agree that being stretched for time is a big reason viewers would skip an ad. Thirty-four percent of agencies said that the primary reason consumers skip or do not watch an online video ad is because they were in a hurry, whereas as 46% of consumers said they skipped because they were in a rush. 

Nineteen percent of agencies said that consumers skipped ads because it took too long to load, while 6% of consumers cited the same reason for skipping an ad.

Twenty-six percent of agencies said that consumers skip ads because they are not targeted properly.  Fifteen percent of consumers said poor targeting was the primary reason for skipping the ad. Another 16% of viewers said they skip because the same ad ran repeatedly.

What matters most to agencies in the end is their return on investment, and our survey found that agencies still question the value of online video ads. Almost half (47%) said they are fairly confident they are getting a good value for their money in recent digital video ad purchases. Forty percent said they are unsure.

Joy Baer, president at STRATA, noted that “We continue to see strong growth in the video advertising market, and most find value in ads that are helpful or entertaining. That being said, 90% percent of respondents said that ads are targeted incorrectly at least some of the time. As the industry gains a better understanding of the online video landscape, we all need to work on creating the best possible ads and effectively target the right audiences.”

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