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Under the Lights at Bloomberg TV

By John Shelton July 27, 2010 | 3:58pm

By now whether it was through our website, the Washington Post, YouTube or even live, many of you have watched my interview that was on Bloomberg TV.  It was an interesting experience to be a guest on the In Business program.  I’ll get more into that in a second.  The main reason we were on the program was to talk to about our latest survey (  Since we started doing these surveys at the end of 2008, we have noticed some interesting trends.  Digital advertising has taken a big leap forward, TV remains tops, and agencies have gone from shedding employees to returning to a hiring process.  We use this valuable information in many different ways.  One, it helps us get a gauge of what our clients are going through – their struggles and successes.  Two, it helps us get a glimpse into future needs of our clients so we can have the products and services to best serve their needs.  And lastly, it is great information to share with the public so they can see indicators of the economy and get a pulse on challenges their peers may be experiencing.  Hopefully, you have found the information provided in the releases valuable.

So let’s go back to the experience on Bloomberg TV.  The three minutes that the interview lasted seemed more like 30 seconds.  It is an interesting challenge to get your points across in a short amount of time, but Margaret did a wonderful job interviewing and definitely hit some key issues that are impacting the advertising world.  Mobile advertising and Apple are hot topics now and our survey proves that.  Just as intriguing as the actual interview was for me, almost as equally interesting was the thirst for knowledge about the ad industry that the producers and people behind the scenes had.  We all know that advertising drives business and with the nation working its way out of a recession, advertising is as important to the economy as ever. 

I thank the producers and talent at Bloomberg TV’s In Business program for having us on and I look forward to more opportunities like this one. 

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