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Transformation 2011 – STRATA's "Post" Newsfeed

By John Shelton March 09, 2011 | 10:42am

(Originally appearing in iMedia Connection)

The STRATA gang was in Austin this week for the 4A’s event, Transformation 2011.  We set up “shop” as an exhibitor and showcased our new digital product, AMBIT.  Basically, digital and mobile definitely dominated the event in a big way.  Below is a quick snap shot of major themes we tweeted during the event: (visit our twitter – @gotostrata – for additional real time updates)

•Data leakage and how to capitalize off of it.
•There is an App designer talking about making apps useful and fun.
•Mobile marketing:
   ◦As soon as agencies focus mobile as part of social, it will be better for all advertising.
•Privacy in mobile targeting:
   ◦Being useful to your customer can overcome any privacy issues.
•A question was posed: Is mobile advertising working?
   ◦The panel answered: It is in gaming.
•Insights from Andrew Bennet:
   ◦The talent pool in advertising is small and shrinking, it is along the lines of investment bankers.
   ◦Agencies don’t do a good job marketing them to potential talent.
•Insights from David Vladeck:
   ◦FTC is on the stage to talk about ad issues in DC and the “do not track” issue.
•CEO panel:
   ◦Losing the distinction between digital and traditional.
•CEO panel:
   ◦Digital needs to be imbedded in everything we do.
•Cable channel forum:
   ◦Social networks are having a big impact on programming.
•Insights from Miles Nadal, MDC Partners:
   ◦Build talent, not acquire it.
   ◦Be restless. Move forward.

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