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The Changing Face of Advertising

By John Shelton March 05, 2013 | 1:33pm


Do you think New York radio station WEAF realized in 1922 that they changed the face of advertising forever? That’s when they broadcast the first paid radio advertisement. For those keeping track – it was for Hawthorn Court Apartments. 

Radio itself has changed tremendously since then, and we at STRATA are proud to be leading that change. Agencies buy more Spot Radio through STRATA than any other system. We are constantly seeking out and making available audiences for our buyers. Pandora is the latest advertising option for those buyers. As you may have read recently, STRATA agencies can now buy advertising on Pandora through STRATA’s media buying system. Tens of millions of unduplicated listeners and over a billion listener hours per month, Pandora reaches passionate and engaged listeners locally and nationally.

With new options like Pandora it is apparent that the industry can no longer try to fit new media into old formats. It just doesn’t work. We’ve been proactive at helping to shape the changing advertising landscape. Don’t take this as ‘we no longer like radio’. We still love traditional radio. We started out nearly 30 years ago in radio. But going forward, you will rarely hear me use the term Radio. It truly is Audio. Audio encompasses a wide array of options from the traditional formats you are used to, to digital options like Pandora. 

Yes we write software, but we also are just as passionate about going out and getting audiences for our buyers. In Audio, Video, Digital and your more traditional formats, we find the audiences our buyers need. Over 1,000 agencies rely on that each and every day to provide for their clients.

I’m not even sure if Hawthorn Court Apartments still is in business, but if they are - can you imagine the amazing and targeted audiences we could provide them today? Now, if only ads still cost $50 for 10 minutes of airtime like they did in 1922.



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