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TAB in Review - Hot and Helpful!

By Mike McHugh August 17, 2010 | 4:26pm

It’s always a pleasure to visit Austin for the Texas Association of Broadcasters (TAB) annual convention.  August in Austin is always the same – hot!  (I don’t know how those Longhorn football players handle it, but that’s a topic for another day.)   I have attended the TAB show for a number of years now and I’m always impressed that no matter the format - TV, radio, digital concerns – the TAB handles it all, offering what’s billed as the largest state convention in the country. 

Each year more than 1000 folks attend the TAB to check out the latest equipment, get updates on legal and operational concerns, and enjoy some time just to hang out and brainstorm about our business.  This is definitely beneficial for us as we can directly hear the needs of the industry first hand.  It is feedback at conventions like this that help us stay ahead of the game and develop the software that can move the industry forward.  It is great that this year, I received questions on just about everything we offer – sales systems, electronic avails between buyers and sellers, electronic invoicing for stations and networks. 

While budgets and cash may be tight, talk (and good ideas) is still cheap.  In talking with people at the TAB it is clear that many are looking to tighten that belt another notch.  It is our focus to help out with that.  Well-researched, efficient solutions really can save (or make) you money.   Whether you’re in TX or someplace else, that offer’s still good. 

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