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STRATA Survey Shows a Shift in Focus (I'm Looking at You, iPad)

By John Shelton August 23, 2011 | 10:48am

I’m always intrigued to see the results of our quarterly survey of media buying agencies. Since we started conducting this study in 2008, it has consistently reflected the issues and trends in the advertising industry. This past quarterly survey was no exception, as several key trends became apparent after analyzing the results.

First, the positive ad economic outlook isn’t as “sunny” as it had been in the first quarter. The recent volatility in the financial markets definitely proved that finding. Many of our agencies seem to be in a holding pattern as they wait for clients to open their wallets and spend more advertising dollars.

The other key trend out of this quarter’s survey is the growth of digital mobile advertising. Don’t get me wrong, television is still king. That being said, the game changer for advertisers could be the iPad (or tablet market as a whole). While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact individual in a household watching a specific TV program, those watching on an iPad are actually more effective advertising targets. Similar to advertising through Video-on-Demand services, a certain profile watches a certain program and has certain viewing habits. So as services like Xfinity, HBO Go, Netflix etc… become more popular, so does the value of targeted mobile advertising. 

This shift to mobile devices became very apparent for advertisers in our latest survey. The fastest growing device of interest is the iPad, which vaulted up to third behind the iPhone and Android phones. Respondents of our survey also noted that targeted/highly contextual campaigns with a small reach are more attractive (68%) to agencies compared to mass appeal buys that reach a wider audience (22%).

At one time the dream of advertisers may have been a TV in every home, now it looks like it is having a mobile device in every hand.

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