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STRATA Gears Up for The Cable Show

By John Shelton June 10, 2011 | 10:41am

(originally appearing in iMedia Connection)

The STRATA team is looking forward to attending the premier event for the cable industry, The Cable Show, on June 14-16. Hosted by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, the event should prove to be compelling and will feature Oprah Winfrey in her first visit to the show, who will be interviewed by Paula Zahn about her career and the advent of her latest venture, the cable network OWN. Other notables in attendance will include Dr. Jill Biden and Chicago’s newly inaugurated Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

STRATA’s executives will be soaking in everything the conference has to offer and believe that, despite the challenges of a gradual recovery, the cable and advertising industries have much to feel good about. STRATA’s own system data reflect an industry that is making net gains:

In a year that started strong, we have experienced several natural shocks- the largest being the Japan earthquake. The advertising numbers reflect this and have been up in between each disaster.

According to our analysis of STRATA’s system data, January’s ad sales were up, February’s were down, April’s were up, and May sales were down with forward projections of the summer looking mildly good.  Overall, our systems are tracking around 7% up for cable advertising purchases over last year, which was surprisingly good and largely due to strong political buying. Expect a strong second half and a strong 2012.

A comparatively decent unemployment rate of 4.5% for college educated workers means that brands that are geared for the higher end will do well and cable nets that have highly educated audience will ride this tide.

In addition, 2012 will be very strong due to the political season. It’s the government employees vs. the private sector at every level of government. Expect to see very strong union advertising. State senators and small town mayors will also start to advertise. Every ad space will be used up.

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