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Remembering Steve Jobs

By Joy Baer October 06, 2011 | 3:30pm

Steve Jobs changed the world and my world forever. I know many people across the globe echo that sentiment, but for me it seems more personal.

I got my first computer, an Apple IIc, in 1984, where I first learned how to play and love adventure games. I fell in love with Steve Jobs shortly thereafter and wished I could have met him, so I could marry him. (That bubble didn’t burst until 1992 when I met my real husband – although you will notice his name is Steve also, and he bears a dark, handsome resemblance to Steve Jobs – no coincidence, I assure you.) 

During my pursuit of my college degree (a BS, Computer Information Systems), in 1988, I went to a 3-day Apple Programming Course in Palo Alto. I was hoping to meet Steve Jobs and gain some new Apple programming skills.  I ended up with the latter, not the former.  My love for computers, programming, Steve Jobs and Apple is the foundation of who I am today – professionally and in a lot of ways personally.

I am profoundly sad at his passing.  Although my work and home life are mostly PC-based these days, I will forever hold Apple and Steve Jobs in a special place in my heart.

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