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Remembering Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr.

By John Shelton October 06, 2011 | 11:36am

The impact that Arthur C. Nielsen Jr. has had on my life is hard to put into words. Not just because I’m a product of the Baby Boom generation that grew up with the development of TV ratings or because I’ve spent most of my career in the advertising technology world… No, it’s really more personal than that. 

I grew up two blocks from the house that Art (as he was known) grew up in. The Nielsen Company started in Wilmette, Illinois where I resided, so I have fond memories of growing up and playing in parks named after him. Then as a professional in the advertising software business, I’ve made a living processing market ratings that he and his company originated and turned into a brand name and a symbol for television measurement. I’ve had the privilege to meet him and talk business with him. Nielsen was not the first ratings company in the industry, but Art changed the ratings industry from just research to a true currency.

STRATA has proudly processed Nielsen ratings for decades and today we along with the rest of the industry need to pause for a moment of reflection and thank a man that has meant so much to television and advertising. I know that I will also stop when I go by my childhood home or see kids playing in that park and think of what a profound impact Art has made.

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