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Political Advertising Affects Everyone

By John Shelton March 12, 2010 | 12:10pm

If you have one shot at keeping your job what do you do?  For many politicians, they launch a television campaign.  Television commercials are still the avenue of choice for politicians and this is a huge election year for senate, house and gubernatorial races.  You couple that with the recent Supreme Court decision to open campaign finance limits, and the floodgates are wide open for political advertising and lobbying groups like healthcare, energy providers and many more.

The TNS Media Intelligence’s Competitive Media Analysis Group, which tracks campaign finance spending, suggests the recent court decision’s biggest impact could be on last-minute spending in major races.  That makes it imperative for the media buyer to have all the tools necessary for those ad buys.

When a media buyer purchases ad time, they need to know the political landscape in their market.  For example, a media buyer may know when the Missouri primary will be held but if they are buying St. Louis, they also need to know when the Illinois primary dates are scheduled.  They need to prebuy into those markets well before the primary comes up.  With today’s trend of waiting until the last minute – buyers need to make sure they prebuy election markets to get the spots they want along with the most attractive rates.

This isn’t just for those buying political ads; this also goes for pretty much any other industry.  Primary and general election season affects everyone.  When you look at it, it is actually even more important for other industries to be aware when the market will be flooded with ads.  If they wait too late, those ad spots will be booked already and the cost for those remaining will be way more than if they would have educated themselves and bought early.

These are just a couple of factors that led to STRATA adding primary and general election dates to our already popular Market Profiler product.  The new feature reminds buyers of election dates and eliminates the need to search for each market’s election date information all over the web.  The addition to Market Profiler saves media buyers time and provides vital market information, allowing them to focus on building campaigns across multiple markets.

In a recent article by MediaWeek – “Even before that landmark decision, forecasters had predicted a record year of political spending, adding up to north of $2.6 billion and possibly topping $3 billion. Broadcast TV, which gets about 67 percent of the total ad spend, has the most to gain.”

With the new Market Profiler feature, media buyers are poised to position themselves in the best way possible this election year.

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