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Online Video Makes Strides

By STRATA December 12, 2014 | 1:01pm

- ROI Still a Concern for Agencies - 

The latest quarterly STRATA Agency Survey  revealed some interesting points about the perceived ROI of online video, and how advertising agencies are utilizing online video to reach their intended audience.

The third quarter survey found that 58% of the advertising agencies polled said that their interest in streaming/online video is more than it was a year ago.


However, almost half of the agencies (47%) responded that they are unsure if they are getting a good value for their online video purchases, while 30% are fairly confident they are getting a good value.

Questions still remain about whether these ads are even reaching their targeted audiences. Sixty-nine percent of agencies said their online videos reach their targeted audience most or some of the time. 

Reaching the right audience is only part of the battle; grabbing their attention is another matter. According to agencies, the best way to grab the attention of consumers is to target the viewers’ interest (61%), followed by making the ads entertaining (22%). 

Forty-one percent of agencies said they don’t feel that it’s important to extend their video buys into premium online videos from cable/broadcast networks, while 30% said it was important for them. Forty-four percent feel it was important to access online video sites, such as YouTube, AOL, and Twitch.

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