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Instragram Gains, But Remains Under Facebook’s Shadow

By STRATA March 27, 2015 | 1:15pm

It comes as no surprise that Facebook continues to dominate other social media sites in STRATA’s most recent Quarterly Agency Survey as 96% of agencies say they will use it in their client campaigns, an all time high in the STRATA survey. This is also an 18% rise from a year ago.

Although Facebook is the frontrunner, there’s also an interesting fight for agency attention taking place elsewhere. While only coming in fourth place, Instagram continues a steady rise, as 27% of agencies said they will use it in their client campaigns. That also is a tie with the more established LinkedIn. Such numbers and continued growth for Instagram are fueling its $35 billion valuation on Wall Street.  

Ahead of Instragram and LinkedIn are two other strong players; YouTube holds second place with 72%, the highest percentage ever for that channel, followed by 54% for Twitter, marking a 12% gain from 4Q13. 

Over a third (34%) of agencies say they are spending 6-10% of their clients’ overall budges on paid social media campaigns, while 16% of agencies are spending between 11-25% of their budgets on social, a 65% increase from last year.

While Facebook continues to be, well, Facebook, the battle between the newer players at Instagram and the more established firms like LinkedIn and Twitter will be interesting to watch. More broadly, we’re also tracking to see if social as a category continues to take a larger share of overall advertising budgets. More changes are afoot in the industry, as usual. Recently, the New York Times reported that large advertisers may be cutting their overall spend while the Wall Street Journal wrote a front page story on a possible decline to TV bundling. Stay tuned…

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