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How are Advertisers Spending their Social Budgets?

By STRATA June 19, 2014 | 3:40pm

STRATA’s recent quarterly survey found some interesting data on how agencies are spending money for social media ad campaigns.

For starters, social media is part of more agency campaigns today than at any point in the history of the STRATA survey. The most popular platform used by those agencies is Facebook, with 86% indicating that they will likely use Facebook in client campaigns, followed by YouTube (62%), Twitter (57%), and LinkedIn (38%). Although in fourth place, LinkedIn has experienced the largest year-over-year growth in our survey, up 128% over last year.

Breaking down the Facebook spend, 49% of advertisers are most likely to use Promoted Posts for their Facebook ad purchase, followed by Page Post ads (27%). On Twitter, 43% say that promoted tweets is the type of ad they are most likely to purchase.

For many, social is taking up little space in the overall ad budget. 67% are spending less than 5% of their overall ad budgets on social media (down 13% from 1Q13), while 21% are spending 6%-10% on Social Media (up 16% from 1Q13).

Even with all this interest, Social still has room to grow. 43% say that they would buy more social media ad spots if the purchasing process were easier. When it comes to social media ad exchanges, there is some hesitancy from the agencies as 47% say they never use social media ad exchanges when buying Social Media ads.



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