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ePort Passes $1 Billion for 2012!

By Mike McHugh July 24, 2012 | 4:32pm

Another month, another round of milestones for the wildly popular ePort. $1 billion! You read that right, $1 Billion. EPort, the electronic bridge over which media buyers, sellers and reps can send and receive any transaction, has surpassed $1 billion in original orders for the year. To put that in perspective – over $1.2 billion in advertising orders passed through ePort in ALL of 2011. We have 5 months to go in the year and will easily pass that mark within weeks.
Like how some people check their Facebook accounts or view their phones for the latest emails and texts, I’m glued to the data provided through ePort. It is amazing to see this incredible growth and project where ePort will finish the month and year. To use the word revolutionary when talking about the change ePort is making in the spot TV industry might seem strong, but to view these numbers – I really feel it is accurate.
It is thrilling to see the dream and promise that is ePort come to fruition and the hundreds of agencies and 1,000+ stations that use it truly benefiting from the ease of use and power that ePort provides. It is great to know that the process of buying and selling TV spots has become much more efficient and accurate and that ePort really is taking the TV industry to new heights. 

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