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ePort is Hot in a Cold Spring

By Mike McHugh March 26, 2014 | 1:55pm

There’s been a lot of talk recently about this severe winter taking a toll on the economy.  While there’s no doubt some sectors have had to absorb this chilling effect on their business, there’s at least one spot where business is hotter than ever – ePort.  

Hundreds of agencies and over a thousand stations use ePort to make their buying and selling of TV spots more efficient than ever before. So far this year, that seems to be the case - and then some! 

ePort, TV’s electronic order delivery platform is posting numbers like never before.  It wasn’t too far back that ePort was getting $100 million or so in new business a year. When you look at the current figures – that might as well been ancient history. ePort is now averaging $50 million in new TV business every week (in 2014). You read that correctly… $50 million a week! What is just as exciting – that figure should soar soon as the political ad season hasn’t really started in many places.

So - why the change and the large influx of dollars flowing through ePort?  Simply put, more agencies are using the system.  (The number has tripled in the last two years.)  More TV stations are taking orders directly to traffic and managing makegoods and revisions online.  ePort’s easy process keeps both the buyers and sellers in sync… and it’s keep them coming back.  

The bottom line is TV has never been easier to buy. That’s something that can give everyone a warm feeling, even in a winter that spilled over to spring that won’t seem to quit.  

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