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Digital Will Get the Dollars This Year

By STRATA March 18, 2015 | 2:47pm

An increase in digital ad spend will be the biggest change to the advertising industry in 2015 compared to 2014, according to 41% of respondents to our most recent agency survey

Interest in digital continues as 81% of agencies say they are more interested in digital than they were last year, reflecting a 12% increase from 3Q14.  Within digital, online display led the pack as the top focus for digital spend as 75% of agencies said they are focusing on display, followed by search (63%) and social (55%). Over half (58%) of agencies say their clients are more interested in streaming video than they were a year ago, while only 3% say they are less interested. 

The need to access video aggregators/networks, such as Videology or YuMe, is strong as 47% of agencies say that access is very important or important. Meanwhile, online video sites such as YouTube, AOL and Twitch, also found a lot of support as 74% say it is important or very important to access such sites.

This year looks to be a strong one for digital ad spend, but there are persistent questions for online video such as ROI and even how to define what actually counts as a “viewable ad.” But for now, what is certain is that there is an increasing demand for digital advertising.

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