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Consumer Electronics Show 2011

By John Shelton January 07, 2011 | 4:26pm

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is always a highly attended event.  This year is no exception.  It is packed.  I have spent the past few days at the show in Las Vegas.  If this show is any indication, companies are letting their people go on boondoggles again.  This show is elbow to elbow people and it’s a bit useless as well.  A bit useless because every TV maker has a 3D version; every computer maker and phone maker has a tablet computer (the tablets don’t appear to be as good as the iPad).  To be honest with you, the 3D TVs give me a headache.  4G is a hot topic and the phone makers tout the best 4G network.  But let’s be honest – the 4G networks they have run down every battery so your 4G phone lasts about half a day before you need to recharge.

3D headaches, overspending, crowds, iPad competitors and 4G battery drains aside - the one cool thing that caught my interest as something new and innovative is the pad/TV combo.  There are a lot of companies that are turning the tablet computers into a smart remote.  This is slick in that it replaces the cable menu, remote control, and allows internet on your TV and your TV on your pad.  Just imagine - your wife can turn the channel and you can turn it back.  Let the remote battle begin (or just start watching your own channel on you iPad).

(You can view some pictures from the event on our Facebook page.)

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