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Can Mobile Advertising Be Favored by Consumers?

By John Shelton September 15, 2010 | 4:45pm

From time to time we get the opportunity to provide commentary for various publications.  This one that was recently published in iMediaConnection:  (you can also see the article at )

Can Mobile Advertising Be Favored by Consumers?
That is a question heavily debated by both advertisers and consumers in the short history of mobile advertising.  Consumers have always had a love/hate relationship with advertising; they get frustrated when it interrupts their favorite shows, yet applaud when it fulfills their needs.  What reaction can consumers and advertisers expect from mobile advertisements:  frustration or applause?

Consumer concerns over mobile advertising can be divided into two areas: advertisement overload and privacy.  Both are incredibly important to consumers and each concern can provide a cautionary guideline for advertisers.  The new iAd platform by Apple will allow advertisers to directly engage consumers on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad through “in-application” advertising.  While there are a couple of different mobile advertising strategies in place (i.e. opt-in options for costly applications to be free), the most promising for both consumers and advertisers is location-based advertisements and behavioral targeting.  Unfortunately, this targeted advertising is one of the main criticisms levied against mobile advertising.

Concerns over third parties exploiting personal data have led some consumers to resist resistant GPS or behavioral-based mobile advertising.  As part of the recent launch of iOS4, Apple acknowledged these concerns by establishing an opt-out option via a quick click.  But are consumers being too “possessive” over their data?  Can consumers actually benefit from targeted mobile ads?

Here are a few scenarios where both the consumer and the advertiser win:
• The “Twilight” Obsessed Teen: You routinely utilize an application to search for a certain teen vampire series. And, just your luck! You receive an advertisement to a local Barnes and Noble about a party celebrating the new edition.  
• Retail enthused: You, the retail obsessed, often need to find the best outfit at short notice to stay ahead of the trends.  Utilizing the GPS on your phone, a quick banner advertisement pops up during an application session, recommending a sale today at your favorite local boutique nearby.  Now you can be cutting edge and thrifty.  

Apple’s mobile advertising platform can actually be viewed as a symptom of the increase in consumer instant gratification demands.  Consumers have a short “advertising” attention span, but when it comes to technology, expect it to work immediately.  For the above scenario reasons and these modern technology mentalities, personal mobile advertising offers a win-win for both consumer s and advertisers.   If consumers are better educated about mobile advertising, and know that it will not interfere with mobile use, its widespread integration should be met with applause.

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