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25 years of experience and poised for many moreā€¦..

By John Shelton October 08, 2009 | 7:44pm

Welcome to the STRATA Blog.  STRATA is celebrating its 25th anniversary and in those 25-plus years we have witnessed changes in buying and selling patterns about as varied as the medium in which the advertising was placed.

The STRATA Blog is where you will find the latest news at STRATA and the industry – from product and service updates to marketplace trends. The STRATA Blog will provide insight into the media buying and selling industry from not only me, but also our experienced team of executives including Joy Baer, David Prager, Paul Levy and many more.

We work with thousands of media professionals every month and have gained a deep understanding of what challenges they face each day.  Plus, because of our vast knowledge and experience in the industry, our team of experts can see media buying and selling from all sides.

So bookmark this blog, email to a friend/colleague and check back often for new entries.  And of course, your feedback on the industry and this blog would be greatly appreciated. 

Until next time…
John Shelton

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