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The New STRATA Logo

By John Shelton October 16, 2009 | 7:55pm

25 years have passed since STRATA started as a small software company.  Early on, we worked predominantly in radio with a couple products, but as time went on and new forms of media were looked to more and more for advertising, we added a wide array of offerings.  Now, we are in virtually every corner of the media buying and selling business with over 12,000 users.  We have definitely evolved and we knew we needed a new brandmark that describes what we are today and into the future.

After lots of research and looking through many design options, we feel the new brandmark portrays the company mission, creating order from chaos in this fragmented and ever-changing marketplace.  

The many lines signify the chaotic environment media buyers and sellers face, and it all comes to order at the bottom with STRATA.  A simple representation of a very complicated process.  Our mission statement echoes this fact:

The whole-scale changes that are occurring in this fragmented media landscape require a customizable and convergent solution with the technology to enable your organization to lead rather than react.  STRATA will transform your business in a way that adds efficiency and precision across traditional and emerging platforms at the scale your clients demand.  The company has earned its esteemed reputation by consistently leading new innovations in the field and diligently serving its clients for over 25 years.

Although our logo has changed, STRATA’s focus remains the same - to provide industry leading software that empowers media buying and selling organizations to conduct large-scale transactions, transforming their operations for the future. 

In my next entry, I will talk a bit more about our new website and some great features that I know you will find helpful.

Until next time,
John Shelton

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