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Easy to Use and Packed with Info

By John Shelton October 20, 2009 | 7:01am

The media buying and selling industry continues to get more and more complex.  Our new website ( can help you get the information you need along with details on products and services that can serve you and your company best.  You clearly have navigated through it at least a little bit to get to this blog.  But I want to let you know what this website can do for you and how it can be a very useful tool. 

As we discussed in the last blog, STRATA brings order from chaos.  I didn’t want the STRATA website to be chaotic in any way.  I wanted it easy to navigate and also packed with information that will be useful for you.  The industry is changing every day and we built this website as a vehicle to get you the information you need on those changes.  Whether you need to learn about upgrades to our products, new product offerings, trends in the industry or find out our latest FAQ’s - is the place for you.  Think of it as your one-stop-shop for all things media buying and selling. 

We designed it as a clean and easy to use tool.  That’s why you can quickly get to where you want to go from the top navigation bar.  But not only there, the log in on the right can get our customers to their specific areas quickly, on the bottom you can click through to interesting articles and links that would be pertinent to you, and the menu at the bottom can get you to the specific area of business that you need.

Drill down further and you can learn about our experienced executive team, areas where we can help your business become more efficient and profitable along with new advances in our products and services. will be updated on a constant basis so you have the most up to date information.  Take some time and look through the site.

John Shelton

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