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35,000 feet up – and worlds away from good customer service

By John Shelton February 24, 2010 | 3:48pm

Good customer service is essential.   When it isn’t a priority, you notice and it can negatively influence the way you feel about a company.  I was a victim of bad customer service recently.  Imagine this – you are 35,000 feet in the sky, belted to your seat and the service you received makes you want to grab a parachute and jump.  Ok, it wasn’t quite that bad, but it did leave a negative impression on me.  I was on an airline (that shall remain nameless) flying back from New York.  I travel quite a bit, so I redeemed some frequent flyer miles for a first class seat.  What I received there was less than first class and even less than my luggage in the hull…

The attendant did nothing to make me want to ride in her section ever again.  It wasn’t that she wasn’t attentive to our needs (for the record, she wasn’t).  It wasn’t that she messed up our orders when she finally came around (which she did mix up badly), or that she only came around once.  When she did bring beverages – she spilled them.  All of this occurred without a simple smile, a cordial greeting, any feeling of appreciation for choosing their airlines or upgrading our seats, or an apology for the spill.

After the flight the pilot sent a personalized note thanking the first class passengers.  After my experience, I felt obligated to respond and to simply say – this wasn’t a great experience.  I just wanted to let them know that the experience wasn’t what I had come to expect from that airline.

Here at STRATA, Client Service is extremely important to us.  So much so, that we extended our hours and often stay extra beyond that.  We constantly ask for feedback from our clients.  We truly want to know what we do well and what we could do better.  It is great to have the pat on the back saying we do X, Y and Z great.  But just as important are the comments on how we can better serve their needs.  At the end of the day, that’s what is most important.   I think that attention to the needs of our clients is what has helped us to reach a point where in our last survey, over 95% say they are very satisfied with customer service.  That was even more evident when 96% say they would recommend STRATA and 98% would renew with STRATA.

Good client service is imperative, whether 35,000 feet in the air or here on the ground. 


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