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2009 Ended with a Rush to Advertise

By John Shelton January 05, 2010 | 5:46pm

Quality is quality. And when it comes to advertising everyone showed up in the 4th quarter buying quality media. Most media sellers reported surprisingly strong fourth quarter business. Surprising - because there were virtually no pre-sales.

Advertisers waited until the last minute, risking a sell out. And most of them were able to get their ads placed, this year.  Sinclair Broadcast Group (which operates 58 television stations and covers 22% of the nation’s television households) said its fourth-quarter revenues will now be at $153.8 million, up from a forecast of $143.3 million. Sinclair beating their estimate by over 7% is one example of companies showing up at the end of the year to place their ads.

The question is whether this run on advertising at the end of the year is a function of a bad economy or a trend. A recent Ad Age article pointed out that - The old pricing model revolving around front-end costs and paid media is still dominant, but new forms of media play just as big a role in driving marketer performance, leaving media shops to feel stuck with clients who demand forward-thinking ideas but use an outdated compensation model.

For years, industry pundants have been predicting the death of the upfront. Possibly it’s here or like a Rolling Stones tour, there is always another one.


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